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rose today and mirror watching

Today, I am continuing with the Loretta Tuberos soaps (50 more to go) and start pouring and packing Rose scented soaps. Tomorrow sees me pouring the last Mandarines ambrées soaps and then the soapy business will be done for a while and I will start pouring those purse spray DARK PASSAGE fragrances. Hmm. I can’t wait to get these done. Last minute as I am these days: We get the stickers in the next two days from Germany.

This digital printing company is actually super organized, located in Germany, with streamlined processes that work, and you can get laminated labels (with a protecting layer that makes it more resistant to ethanol and other harsh ingredients in a perfume) starting with 1 label. For a reasonable price. For low volume production like 100 or 200 labels, technology has really changed a lot. These days you can get labels produced in a quality and volume that was unthinkable a few years ago. For a price that is very much ok. Thus, bye bye to having to get a minimal number of 5000 labels printed at once.

While pouring these soaps, I will continue thinking about facebook: But not about the share price you pay these days on Nasdaq. That’s a different topic. Lately, keeping my facebook page clean  has become a daily job. The longer the more others are putting links to my pages, independent of whether I might want a link or not, or are sharing pictures on my site (very troublesome, quite often for copyright issues) and I have to remove them. Worst: Others putting me into some groups without asking. Very annoying and again troublesome. In my personal experience and in the experience of many friends: facebook becomes very annoying, and boring.

The medium is the message. With facebook, this message becomes a thumbs up or a two words comment and an endless circle of relinking content that is already there somewhere. I think facebook is less about true sharing but it is about distraction and mirror watching. Transforming a quote from Neil Postman: We are mirror watching ourselves to death.