creating scents


My rosemary bush is in full bloom. Just lovely. In the background of today’s picture, featuring the small bright blue rosemary flowers you may also see some tulips in bright sunlight. This season is simply amazing. Also amazing: The pollen load these days. But I won’t complain! I haven’t really used rosemary in many fragrances of mine: The Cologne du Maghreb had some in it, of course, for the herbal, classical cologne twist.

The cologne, never sold on my site, for a couple of reasons, is soon going to fade out. It is still available from some retailers, but then, when it is gone, well… I think then it will be gone. The reason: The market is not really there for an all natural cologne. In order to continue producing it I would need to bring it into a new flacon (whatever kind) as I run out of the classical rectangular flacon. And the costs to create new labels and get them printed etc. well, it is not really paid. In the end, I look at these kind of decisions the longer the more in a down to earth way: What sells, sells, and what does not will fade away, independent of how good I feel the scent is. In the end, I can always keep a bottle for myself.

I love the cologne myself. For me, it was/is perfect, after a shower, or when not really going for something heavy, lasting all day. But this quality, well, I guess, this quality is not really appreciated. Interesting!