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shades of blue and green

We are thinking colors again: a name for a particular  shade of blue – green, for things coming out in Autumn 2011. Today I want to work on some texts and colors. And later in the afternoon I will fool around with a few scents in development, as it is play time today!

About Autumn 2011….  This time, this time, this time: We want to take our time. And do it right. With a super master plan.  Thus, coming in autumn translates into, will be ready to ship to retailers and the press and folks who care in May, will be poured and bottled and boxed and labeled in March, and this means that I order the flacons, the labels et cetera in December. At the latest. Thus, we think about shades of green. And a  name for shade of green, blue green. Like emerald, but emerald is kind of close to emeraude and there I am not sure about intellectual property issues.

Thus, I am thinking VIRIDIAN which is more on the green side, or TURQUOISE, which is more on the blue side, or even celadon which is sort of in the middle but I am not sure whether folks understand, or teal but then teal is also a name for a duck , and nothing againts ducks, but somehow, I do not know why, duck and perfume does not go well together…”you smell gorgeous, like a duck”…, or maybe I go  simply for “VERT”.

Actually, I will need later two more colors, but these I sort of already got in my mind….

Thus, happy playing and thinking ahead. Today’s pictures shows you a row of discovery sets, empty tins, the inside, in a nice baby turquoise kind of blueish color with a hint of green.