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shake it, baby

Yesterday evening we (Designers Club and me) tested about 10 different papers for the inlays; different in terms of strength and quality. We got about 10 of each paper, all embossed and perforated following a 100% clever and ingenious design. We put them into the tin box, with a Rose vermeille, and then we simulated a journey in airplanes with RollsRoyce engines, over Swiss alps in old trucks and into the jungle of Indonesia on earth roads.

We tried to do it as systematically as possible and ended with a lot of paper, torn apart by the forces of a flacon in motion. But three paper qualities actually stood the test: No the thickest, not the hardest, not the laminated ones.

We decided. Color blue. Paper tough. I am happy because I can finally inform the printer guy that he can turn on his machine and kick the first 5000 out. Go, baby, go!

Today’s picture shows you the meeting table, after our shaking meeting.