Signing cards

Good morning world.

Here’s the good news from my side today: I have (finally!) stock again of Au Coeur Du Désert. We run completely dry in the last few days. Now, with new stock in my little happy perfume factory, I need to sign cards, fill bottles and label them for packing Au Coeur Du Désert.

Packing means: putting the bottles with the signed card into a box and wrap it in cellophane.

Why cellophane? Because retailers want it…. it protects the products and makes sure that the clients who get it in the end feel that they got the real thing, originally packed and immaculate.

Sort of.

But the bottom line is: I have stock again. Hurray!

(shipment to /from the US of Au Coeur Du Désert 50 ml full size bottles will restart early next week).