what's up?

signs of spring

Today I show a little daisy picture that I took a minute ago. It is a sign of spring coming. Another sign: We watch our garden with sorrowful eyes. Thus, this morning early at 8,  we went to BAUHAUS to get a Bauhaus rental car and buy some wood  and concrete and other stuff for a little garden project (sort of a fence thing). Sounds bigger a project than it actually is: We just build a little fence to the neighbors.  Thus, I am bit behind schedule and make this post short. Basically, I want to say that Bauhaus is cool; a bit on the butch side, with lots of big machines and stuff that makes boys dream and men get sweaty hands.

You can buy everything there; everything for your house, your boat, your car, your garden and I am sure, one day in the near future, they will offer a rocket upgrade and cleaning kit.

Back home, I am sitting there, with sweaty hands, making samples: The hands are sweaty because I wear plastic gloves for this. I am sort of pretty busy because I will leave town on Thursday, for a weekend trip to Rome, where I will proudly assist in opening a new perfumery gallery. Campo Marzio, probably THE selective perfumery in Rome, opens up their newest perfumery that is actually going to be like an art gallery, featuring perfume art. I was cordially invited to meet the press there, have an apero and a dinner afterwards.

I figured that such an invitation is 1. a must and 2. the perfect excuse for a weekend trip to Rome. Thus, cheers to you!