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L’AIR DU DÉSERT MAROCAIN – solid perfume

A bit of luxury for a very affordable price in hard times.

I was working this one for quite a while. And, what a coincidence! I got ready right now. Last week, I got the last ingredient in larger quantities, allowing me start production. So there we go: let’s say hello to:

L’AIR DU DÉSERT MAROCAIN, solid perfume.

WHAT is it?- solid perfume means fragrance oil (15%, that’s 50% more than in the l’air du désert marocain eau de toilette) ,mixed into a wax base that melts on your skin. The wax base is composed of a moisterizing solid mixture of organic, cold pressed jojoba oil, pure almond oil, vitamine E and white beewax, put together in a way that it is soft, but still solid.

HOW to apply?-you just put some on your finger and apply it there were you wish to smell good. Not on lips, not on any membranes or eyes. Not inside the ears, too.  You apply as often as you wish.

It is nice to have it with you all do, but do not leave it in the sun or in the car.

PACKAGING-it comes in a nice tin box, with logo and all.

SHIPPING-right now, I ship this from Switzerland to the US, France, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. This may change over the next weeks.

Some of the “making of” you can see here on . Enjoy!

and stay healthy, please.