what's up?

somewhat troublesome

I was in Hamburg (fish!, steak! and a bit of business on the side)  but felt like coming home one day earlier. Some of you may have realized it: We had the server (not managed by us, but by a big one…)  go down, under some sort of a malicious attack, and we lost the last post and the comments and some other stuff of one day not backed up.

I need to clean up some of the electronic stuff that is sort of free floating. We have mails existing as i-phone copies thanks to my regular downloading of mails, but do not exist on the server’s database. I guess they are in limbo state. And we got other limbo state things to take care of. Of course, as always: servers crash and bend and break down when you are out of time anyhow… more later, I guess, when the limbo is nice and shiny and empty again.

Picture: Elbtunnel window mirroring canal houses in Hamburg, seen yesterday, before hitting the car for a strenuous ride.