making ofTableau de Parfums

spray sample pump

I am talking “samples” again. Continuing sort of there, where I stopped yesterday. Today I show you one of the most reliable items I have in my growing collection of materials that I use to present my fragrances to the ethereal world. The picture on the left shows you the spray pump of my samples in glass vials and it actually is amazingly robust and reliable. Very, very rarely we got one not working. Close to zero. Looking at it in its details and beauty, you might realize how low tech and high tech at the same time it is. A simple mechanism, but a highly precise production and assembly, making the sample vial basically 100% leak tight. I love them. Most of the time.

Today, we will fill more glass vials and put these pumps on top; by hand, of course.

Now, in my next life as perfumer, I would probably make my entire sample offerings a bit different. In order to just try a fragrance, these glass spray vials are a bit too much an effort. In order to try a perfume, I am convinced that you do not need sprays. It is a matter of convenience. Plastic sprays, or simple dab 1 ml vials should be enough to get an idea of a fragrance. The next size would then be somewhere around 5-10 ml, like a decant size. And then I would offer the full flacon size.

For Tableau de Parfums – as mentioned earlier- I will do exactly this. And there, for the first fragrance called Miriam, the sample is a simple dab vial because  I want to offer a DVD together with the sample, without giving too much money away. This teaser DVD introduces the world of Miriam, and the entire world that Brian creates in his moving pictures and me in my fragrant pictures. Brian is doing this teaser DVD now.

This is why I had to come up with a sample packaging that allows at the same time to protect and pack a DVD. I think nobody has ever done this on that scale.

And I had no idea how much work goes into the cut and assembly of moving pictures. It is amazing how much time it needs to produce a nice, professional DVD. I am glad I just need to make perfumes.