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starting into a new week

Good morning to you all. Here, we are getting ready for an exciting week, looking back to an exciting weekend. This weekend, I mixed two batches. One was the follow-up batch of Loretta. I just love this scent. The other batch was 1 kg of Une Rose de Kandahar.

That one is also super exciting. The idea, you might remember: Build a scent around a rose oil from Afghanistan, from the Kandahar region. I got some of this rose oil as a very special treat for myself and my perfume loving friends and worked on it for a while. Now I mixed it, and it sits in an aluminum can, and matures. It is going to be an X-mas special, and that’s about all I know for now. I haven’t really figured out how to put this out, as I do not have a lot. I don’t say it is limited as edition, but it is surely limited in numbers, for the time being….

The scent: Well, well… It got quite fruity, Apricot natural extract blending in with the already fruity rose oil. The rose oil in the fragrance concentrate is 3%, the Apricot 2.5%. Cinnamon bark oil added at 0.35% adds another twist, and so does bitter almond oil at 0.3%. Supporting the fruit note and lifting the base: A musk, Cervolide, overdosed, and a first within my range of fragrances.

Then there is a line of tobacco, whereby I use tobacco absolute at 3%, and Okoumal, a tobacco, woody ambra and very complex molecule, again overdosed a bit. Other base notes are vetiver, 3%, Ambroxan at 3.8% and vanillin, coumarin and not to forget: Patchouli oil at a stunning 9%. And a few other ingredients, such as rose absolute (3%), Bourbon geranium (1.5%), Bergamot (3%) and further supporting the rose is phenylethanol and citronellol and and and.

So, yes, it is a fruity apricot rose (as Kandahar is also known for its apricots and other fruits) on a rather dark patchouli tobacco ambra background.

I realized that if I ever want to get it out for X-mas mixing time is now or never.

Right now, there is a bit too much going on, so I haven’t really found the time to look into ideas of how to present this scent, in what flacon, and what size. But I guess, I will do so when sitting in the planes flying over endless land in Russia. I am still in some sort of contemplation mode after Pitti Fragranze 2013, with all the many, many bottles and brands. It is utterly fascinating to see all those ideas and scents, yet it is a bit frightening, too. Let’s put it this way: A baroque exuberance, waiting for the sieve, to be filtered and judged.