what's up?

steaming factory

Here: Still super busy in the factory, filling packing, labelling. You name it! Hence, today’s picture: A quick selfie, taken early in the morning, with a somewhat determined look, like “Yes, I see you pile of work, but trust me: We’ll  get over there”.  A look that actually fits a lot of situations these days. From coma sleeping suppliers (sounds more fun than it is) to soap making and packing for my favorite little shop in Zurich (that is more fun than it sounds). Mandarines ambrées for Medieval art&vie. Poor Pascal there had to ask me for about 2 months, as these soap bars are really nice to have but not important.

Important these days: Stock of Gardenia. 240 are packed, international edition. Some more to follow. And then follows the Italian edition. Edition meaning: some text on the labels in Italian. The rest is the same.

And here’s the irony: As we are labelling and packing and labeling and packing in peace and harmony, with the mind wandering and wondering about things like “when do I find time for the hairdresser” to “I need to buy another keyboard” to “I think I know now how to turn this experimental formula into a working formula” (think: perfume! new perfume! more perfume! exciting perfume!), with all this happening I am looking into a future, where I see more perfume coming.

It sounds like a perpetuum mobile, right? The more perfume we pack, the more ideas we have here (as we are getting so ZEN packing perfume)… It seems neverending. But we all know. Perpetuum mobiles do not exist, really, and the universe is expanding into nothingness.