structural elements

I picked today’s picture of a leave, taken against the sun, shining through it and revealing its structure, because it is a wonderful example for nature’s way of building the most complex structures with (seemingly) simple elements and repetition of these structural elements.

In a sense, things at tauerville got pretty complex, too. And I aim at reducing complexity, making packaging and labeling simpler for me, using the same structural elements, for different scents.

Thus, I will visit a printer sales and supporting company this afternoon.  In search of the perfect laser printer.  It is the last thing we actually have to get: somewhat heavy paper cards, special paper for an extra luxurious touch, and yet still printable by mr. t. and a yet to decide upon laser printer.

These days, I have a couple of scents, with changing lot numbers, a couple of retailers with different needs, and changing legal terms that make it difficult to produce large production runs for box labels.

Thus, I decided that I want to be able to print the box labels myself, on cards that are “branded” (= come with some design and logo). The idea is to gain flexibility and speed: To adjust to local markets, changing needs by my retailers, and to adjust easily to new products. In a sense, one should have box labels for every single market. And I want to be able to do small scale experimental scents, too. And I want costs to be minimal, while the look and feel must be maximally nice. My designer guru was nice enough to pick heavy paper for the cards that we will put on the backside of the metal box -there is room there and the cards will stick onto the back of the new tin box- and I was evaluating lasers that allow printing of 220 gr/m2 (not many) and finally came up with a HP. This afternoon will see us testing it.

Wish us luck!