creating scentswhat's up?


Another gardenia picture today: With almost zero color, a bit on the underexposed side, thus highlighting structures. It is a little bit like squinting one’s eyes, which is a trick when painting and looking for the right hues and shapes. Squint your eyes and you see underlying structures that help understand and illustrate, for instance a tree that is otherwise just many leaves.

When creating perfumes, arranging notes in order to create a  new fragrance with a certain form and structure, you do the same thing. You squint your nose, and reduce the idea you have in your mind to a few structural components. Having arranged these central lines or structures, and having arranged them properly, with the right dimensions and proportions, you move on and arrange the details, focusing increasingly on details.

But the key is that the first few lines are right. If not, the entire composition will be false.

I will leave for a week abroad in a few minutes and will get back and blog and talk in a week. I leave a little illustration of a gardenia flower, that highlights again structures and shapes. Enjoy!