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Styrofoam from here to there

Today, the most important goal set: Shipments needed to get out. We had the truck organized for pick-up of two palettes with fragrant stuff heading south this morning.  A little pump-it-up session before breakfast. And then I wanted to ship the parcels for retailers who have reordered with regular postal mail… an ideal opportunity to get some of the Styrofoam chips out of the house.

We collect them in a larger, very large bag (see today’s picture of the big, big bag in the perfume room) when we get parcels stuffed with them and always look for opportunities to use them again. A little bit of recycling and carbon dioxide foot print reduction that is simple and easy. Although, the biggest carbon dioxide emissions my brand probably produces by the production of the essential oils. Or the flacon.

At least we try to do a bit. The same is true for the EURO palettes that we store for later use, provided we have enough space. Which is exactly what they are made for: Go forth and back. I . The EURO palettes are fascinating: Quite an amazing, simple, highly regulated design (click here for the wiki page on EURO palettes).  Did you know that you need a license to produce an EURO palette? And the nails that hold the wood together are special quality and the wood must be bark free and and and….Thus, we sent a Euro palette to Italy that we got from France where my flacons are produced and they might have gotten the palette from the Czech Republic where the glass might come from.

An aspect of our world that I find utterly fascinating: How everything is interconnected and how we are all part of it without seeing it.