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welcome to autumn

It got chilly. And colorful. Nice! Here in Switzerland, autumn made a sudden and energetic appearance. The temperatures dropped, there was a storm and the trees turned colorful. (when did that happen?….) It is the perfect season for all the warm and cozy offerings, like l’air du désert marocain or the wild strong Lonestar memories. […]

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when birds sing

Monday, leaving the factory after a long day labeling bottles and packing orders, I heard a bird. It was chirping, loud and different in a way I cannot describe. I looked up and saw the bird on the rim of the roof covering the parking lot. It would not stop. Yesterday, again in the factory, […]

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We are in the midst of autumn here: Still not much rain until now and wonderful colors everywhere. I wish there was a bit more time to relax and enjoy the warmth of the season, but unfortunately there isn’t really. And no: I am not sitting in front of my perfume organ dreaming of the […]


October treats

A perfect autumn day, that’s what we had here in Zurich yesterday. The sun was shining, a gentle sun, after mysterious early morning fog, trees in change from the everyday green working dress to the colorful negligees before going to bed soon. Yesterday, getting up shortly after 5, I learned that the birds are already […]


autumn treats

It is autumn. Not my favorite season, really, but with some treats. Like colored leaves. Great sunsets. The light (if there is light) being different and bringing out the colors in a different way, compared to summer’s bright sun. The sun is gentler, but the colors are more intense, it seems. Autumn, usually, for reasons […]

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autumn groove

Here, at the foot of the alps, under heavy clouds, we get into full autumn mode. The light is grey, the colors of the painted trees faded, the streets reflect the dark clouds like wet mirrors, and the fruits of the year are harvested. When I prepared today’s orders for the post, filling out the […]

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from the kitchen to the street

with the days getting shorter and the temperatures reaching single digits in the morning, you open the newspaper these days and get all the ads about how to live with a nice couch. Or how to cook nicely. Or how to nestle down. I am less a couch person, but a lab guy. The shorter […]

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palette day

It is strange. You think about it, prepare for it, see it coming with eyes wide open . Yet, once it is here, you are amazed. Today, we continue making more samples for the Italian perfume exhibition Pitti Fragranze, and assembling everything for the two palettes that the truck is going to pick up tomorrow.  […]