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Monday, monday

Today is Monday, but this Monday is special: I get another blue flacons delivery, at some point today, by truck, and am so looking forward to filling up the big empty spots in the “factory”, where I store my building blocks to produce perfumes. Another building block that is low in stock: the bakelite tops. […]

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surface texture

Bakelite comes with a surface structure. Every morning, when turning the computer on, I see an empty pentagonal flacon with a bakelite top, in dim light and the surface looks a bit like skin, shiny skin. I was told, by the guy responsible for the production of my flacon bakelite tops, that they call it […]

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on the outside

welcome back again after the weekend that hopefully was glorious for you! Mine was sort of busy and filled up to the rim with fun work on the computer. I continued with the brochure, collecting ideas, putting them into a context with picture, and trying to come up with pictures that are “ok”. It is […]

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alles neu macht der Mai

… that’s a German proverb, meaning “everything begins anew in spring”. And indeed, this is pretty much true: There is new energy, new hope, new vigor and vibrancy in the air, everywhere almost. And indeed, we will soon be entering May, spring’s highlight, in my opinion. I will start my May in London, meeting potential business partners, […]