a list with 500 perfumes on basenotes

Good morning from Zurich, where I am getting ready for a new exciting week under a perfect blue sky. Last week was less perfect and saw me more in bed than in a vertical position, but we are sort of up and running again… One of last week’s highlights was: Grant Osborne’s list on : […]

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writing down ideas

It is about time for a new post here, after the most relaxing weekend imaginable and a ping-pong weekend jumping into spring mood on Saturday and winter’s icy grip on Sunday. Imagine: I was having a coffee on Saturday, sitting outside in the sun, wearing not much more than a light hoodie. And Sunday saw […]

marketing and branding

I like it that way

Yesterday was a lovely evening, and I enjoyed the opportunity to talk about what happened to me the last 11 years, in front of about 30 ladies and gentlemen, all new to the world of artisanal perfumery. To be honest: I enjoy talking about myself and the story of how I started creating perfumes. Initially, […]

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back and getting ready

I think it is fair to say that Jovoy has become the first stop for selective niche in Paris. Finally.  And I am going there. The next city on my radar is Paris, where I will attend the official shop opening of Jovoy. My bottles already are, although you do not see them on their […]