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Nordic summer

Back from Helsinki with a lovely gift for a birchtar lover like me: Nordic Summer! “Nordic Summer (see today’s picture) is an insect repellent, a creamy paste, like a solid fragrance actually, that smells deliciously and rough and rich from: BIRCH TAR! Yes. And yes: I haven’t used birch tar in any of my compositions […]

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time for a new batch

It is time for mixing a new batch of Lonestar Memories. Actually, it is more than time. I mentioned it a while ago that I shifted my stocking rhythm slightly towards a touch lower stock of everything. The reason: Cash flow, and instead of having money sitting on the shelves in the form of fragrance, […]


this stuff brings back memories

There is not much you can do: Perfume is subjective. What is gloriously shining on your skin is bääh! for somebody else. No way to convince that bääh! is not bääh! But there is hope that (at least!) a bääh! perfume is recognized as a creative master piece. It will remain bääh! , but in […]

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creative day

Uff. It is Friday, this week’s big shipment is ready in front of the house for pick-up by Schenker, and I can worry about other things, such as my hair or creation of new perfumes. I decided that Friday afternoon will be my “creative day”, translating into at least 4 hours working on fragrances. Otherwise, […]