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cellophane and vanilla

Today’s picture shows you what I did yesterday: Packing Lonestar Memories. I am getting better at cellophane wrapping, adjusted the settings and especially my technique in order to get a tighter, less fussy seal of the packaging. You see a packed and sealed box to the left. The ones in the back miss the cellophane, […]

making of

a lot of steps until a scent is on the shelf

Today’s picture:  A wrapped, sealed, boxed fragrance, freshly poured and polished and labelled, ready to go into shipment boxes or onto shelves. Yesterday was like super busy. Today, it will be the same and then we hope for a gradual slowing down towards the end of the week. It takes quite a few steps until […]

making of

at tauerville wrapping joy

Today’s picture shows you the result of a few hours wrapping trials and training myself on the new manual wrapping tool: The box at the bottom part is not wrapped, but put into a little polypropylene bag. This bag comes with each box and so far we used these bags to ship our perfumes. They […]

making ofmarketing and branding

In Forbes, in June, in the EU and in cellophane

Welcome to June 5!  When opening my email first thing in the morning, like I always do, before coffee, and totally unbalanced, I got the pdf from Forbes Life May 2013 which made me very happy. I shared the picture with the Lonestar flacon in the middle on facebook yesterday evening, under a brilliant evening sky, […]