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confirmations and labels

there we go again: A quick pictures of what sits next to the keyboard and is soon on its way to the factory: Labels. The Mandarines ambrées soap lot labels, and Dark Passage lot labels and the labels that go onto the Dark Passage purse spray.  (Dark Passage is the fragrance that I made for […]

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your support makes the difference and tuberose

Today, I am asking you for your contribution to help us finance the production of Brian Peras’s film project ONLY CHILD, featuring Grace Zabrinski, through the kickstarter campaign. But I do not ask you to just give money. No, I came up with a lot of specials and fragrant goods for you, to reward you […]


Dark Passage and kickstarter

Today’s picture shows you the Tableau de Parfums purse spray that I will soon fill with DARK PASSAGE, the super limited edition that is only available in March through the Kickstarter campaign for ONLY CHILD. Afterwards , when the financing and support campaign for Brian Pera’s latest film project comes to an end, then the […]

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adventures coming

Dominik Dachs comes back again: When I was a boy, I spent hours and hours watching the adventures of Dominik Dachs and his friends, including Niki Tiki, following them when they traveled their little world. To get an idea (in Swiss German) of how lovely these characters are: Click here for the video on the […]

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patchouli coeur

Patchouli coeur which means”heart of Patchouli” is basically a patchouli that is rich in patchoulol. I am using a quality that is 66% patchoulol. I use it together with “standard” patchouli in the dark fragrance that I described in the past few days. Patchoulol is also called Patchouli Camphor as the heart of patchouli  is […]

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notes on birch tar

OK. Birch tar. That’s an easy one. If you wish to find out how birch tar smells: Hit the next birch tree, cut it, light a fire, let the fire go out, smell the smoke and you get the idea. Of course, what I used has been rectified a few times to get rid of […]

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cocoa brightened up

There is a thing with extracts of cocoa that makes them sometimes difficult to use in perfumes. They are mostly dark. But there are qualities that are different. I would like to continue exploring a fragrance that I created a while ago and that sits in the fridge waiting to be put into some flacons, […]

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sweet tobacco, honey, flowery, powdery that’s what it says how beeswax absolute smells. I would add “dark”, animalic and musky. It is a waxy, hard material at room temperature and you have to melt it in a water bath (gently) in order to be able to pour it. That’s what the bottle label you see […]