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Give aways and goodies

Day 20 of the advent calendar, a prize for the African Wildlife Foundation, an explorer set for you and me making bath bombs

This draw is closed. Thank you to all of you who participated. Thank you! Welcome to today’s advent calendar give-away: We have two prizes. In the year of “Cecil the lion” a prize of 100$ goes to the Afrian Wildlife Foundation. Their mission “The African Wildlife Foundation, together with the people of Africa, works to […]

Give aways and goodies

day 13 of the advent calendar- an explorer set

This draw is closed. Thank you to all of you who participated and shared. Today, day 13 of my advent calendar, I am a bit late. But on the other side: You can win an explorer set today (details of this set you find here on tauerperfumes.com) and you are free to pick three 15 […]

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forth and back twice

uiuiui… it has been a while since I’ve been posting here. Amazing how time goes by. What so far did not go by: Our autumn here. It was frighteningly warm and dry. Bone dry. And way too warm and yes: I enjoyed it every day when biking to the factory; the factory where there are […]

making of

soon, more explorer set variations

Yesterday, in my two room factory, I filled ZETA- a linden blossom theme, one of my underperforming fragrances, into 15 ml flacons of the explorer set. Underperforming is a bit misleading, though. The scent performs wonderfully on skin, and it blooms and is gentle at the same time. I personally love it very much. In […]

what's up?

click rates and taking a deep breath

yesterday, we had rain like crazy. And orders for the explorer set coming in like crazy. In the evening, the sun broke through, I took the camera and made a picture and realized that it is time to take a deep breath, and I found a moment to sit, and relax. I guess, when running […]

marketing and branding

get it now

It is nice to be back from Florence!  The four days in this great city, attending THE fair for selective perfumery, were just awesome. But, guess what: at the end I had a hard time standing, in whatever position, and my voice sounded like Zara Leander`s after a couple of drinks and cigarettes too much. […]

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lessons learned: You never know until you did it and things you should not ask before

So, yes: Hurray! We have an Explorer Set, and you can get it: 15 ml each, 3 scents, your choice, free shipment. As we are just starting, the number of scents at your choice is still limited to the best sellers, but more’s to come if all goes well. The same is true for some […]

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explorer set by tauer is live now

Since yesterday, the Explorer Set is now live on my online shop. It is a product that shows on the Classics, Homages, and Samples level.  It is a set of 3x 15 ml glass spray flacons that I created for perfume lovers allowing them to explore my line and scents extensively. You can pick any […]