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when birds sing

Monday, leaving the factory after a long day labeling bottles and packing orders, I heard a bird. It was chirping, loud and different in a way I cannot describe. I looked up and saw the bird on the rim of the roof covering the parking lot. It would not stop. Yesterday, again in the factory, […]

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and we see that we don't see much

Again, a super small picture that does not really tells much: This time a panoramic view of parts of the “factory. And we sort of see that we do not see a lot. I get this question a lot, usually with a “I know it might be too much” : ” I would love to […]

what's up?

after a week

…filling lots of flacons of Vetiver Dance, Incense Extrême, Lonestar Memories and Orange Star: Creative Friday! Hurray. I will head now to the factory in order to finish off the Orange Star flacons that I filled yesterday, polishing, labelling them and then: Playtime and doing what does not need to be done. Time for some little crazy projects. […]

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UN ID 8000

Brrr. It’s cold outside. I guess we are getting the cool weather here from the US East coast. I will be heading down to the factory by bike and will do so fast, the faster the sooner I will be in my cozy spot, surrounded by boxes, putting more boxes into boxes. T0day, I’ll finish […]

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husch und weg

Today’s picture confirms probably all conceptions of tauer’s “factory life” being fun and easy going. Well, yes and no. Last week was kind of crazy, very tiring to be honest, and the weekend was super busy; packing stuff in the factory and getting things ready for shipment. I did the illustration Friday afternoon, at the […]

making of

before leaving the factory

… I took today’s picture. A quick shot of what I left behind, from the middle of one room where I pack things in my two room factory. You know: Two rooms are actually not enough anymore, but I try to keep my overhead and every day running costs down. This is important. I work […]

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the luxury of enough

I mentioned it a while ago: This and the next week sees me working in the factory with two additional helping hands. This is wonderful, as it allows me to stock up and try to get ready for autumn. On the other hand, it sort of forces me to work in a tighter schedule than […]

general thoughts

cellophane and vanilla

Today’s picture shows you what I did yesterday: Packing Lonestar Memories. I am getting better at cellophane wrapping, adjusted the settings and especially my technique in order to get a tighter, less fussy seal of the packaging. You see a packed and sealed box to the left. The ones in the back miss the cellophane, […]