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forth and back twice

uiuiui… it has been a while since I’ve been posting here. Amazing how time goes by. What so far did not go by: Our autumn here. It was frighteningly warm and dry. Bone dry. And way too warm and yes: I enjoyed it every day when biking to the factory; the factory where there are […]

what's up?

a smile when boxes are out of my way

You might have guessed: Super busy here! The weekend is a holiday weekend with Monday being an extra day off. As I will be out of time with friends, and somewhat out of the job next Tuesday, I really needed to make sure that I get all orders out before the weekend. That was stressful. […]

Give aways and goodies

Day 20 of my advent calendar

After yesterday’s guest day, over there at Perfumeposse: Welcome back again! It is day 20 of the advent calendar and you can win a sample discovery set by leaving a comment on this blog post. Good luck! Today, when I got up, before the first coffee, I got bad news from Fedex: I could not […]

general thoughts

clearance delays and what you might learn from it

So we shipped quite some explorer sets these last 7 days. Actually,we shipped much more than I would have anticipated. Today´s picture shows you a little detail cut-out of the Fedex track list for these explorer sets shipments. Most of them shipped from here to there smoothly, picked up in time, moved from Zurich to […]

making of

a lot of steps until a scent is on the shelf

Today’s picture:  A wrapped, sealed, boxed fragrance, freshly poured and polished and labelled, ready to go into shipment boxes or onto shelves. Yesterday was like super busy. Today, it will be the same and then we hope for a gradual slowing down towards the end of the week. It takes quite a few steps until […]

designwhat's up?

on ideas and what we do with them

On Monday afternoon, I wanted to write a post about design and that design is everywhere. And how it influences us and so on. I got sort of inspired by a quick picture that I took while waiting for the dentist in the dentist chair with the most spectacular view over one of Zurich’s growth […]

making of

resuming shipping to the US

So we ship to the US again. Samples and full sized products. Starting today…In order to be able to do so, I had to get a deal done with FEDEX. Shipping hazardous goods by air freight seems best to go through fedex, pricey, and not to be used for single bottle shipments, but very reliable, and I […]

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NZZ and see you soon

Fragrant greetings and thank you for visiting! I think this is the last post for about two weeks: I will be travelling for two weeks and it might well be that I don’t post on my blog. As always, before leaving, there is a plenitude of things to get done. This time, it was really, really a […]