fire tree

what's up?

more snow and silver wrapping paper

Jogging in winter land yesterday was wonderful. The snow stayed on every fine twig and there was something magical in the forest where I usually run. Less magical was downtown on Saturday: Crowds shopping. Lots of them. Too many. I was downtown with the W.-factor (do not ask me why I felt to do so […]

general thoughtswhat's up?

the first snow of the season

Tonight we got the first snow in Zurich, and the first jasmine flower  on my little jasmine bush in the basement opened up and sends its perfume out. Quite intoxicating. This morning, we got the shipment back from Madrid, another circle closing, and the box survived, sort of. Thus, I know again why we pack […]

general thoughtswhat's up?

waiting for TNT

We are waiting, for TNT to deliver essential oils (more dream stuff) from Australia, for quotations from France, for more Boswellia serrata being produced by CO2 extraction to supply me for next year, for a lot of things these days. I am sure, I can already feel it, the end year tension. Everybody getting a […]

creating scents

hand in hand

Today Nathan published two open letters on his blog, side by side, one by Mandy Aftel and one by myself. We talk to each other, starting an open communication between two perfumers, coming from two angles, sharing the same passion, following the same star. In the future, we will continue to discuss and share how […]