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Tauer does not mind dirty hands

“I do not mind getting dirty hands. I think as creators we need to engage with the materials that we choose to express ourselves. When I mix fragrances and pour my creations into flacons, I build an intimate relation to my produce and connect to the perfume lovers who will ultimately cherish them.” Today, I […]

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goodbye winter and a couple of ideas

Yesterday, while doing my “vita parcours” thing in the woods nearby I could smell spring for the first time this season With vita parcours being a loop with some exercises but with limited jogging length I usually add a few miles jogging extra. And running through the woods early evening with the sun approaching the horizon, […]

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wisch wasch wumm

Yesterday’s packaging exhibition was great. I have seen machines that can do it all: Wisch-wasch-wumm! And BANG! there you go and all is packed and neatly labeled and in boxes and on palettes and you could send them to the moon without any major damage. Back in Zurich, where things do not happen in a […]