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a poppy aquarelle

Today’s picture is actually only fitting on the side with today’s blog post. I came up with this picture over the weekend, freeing myself all Saturday afternoon from the rest of the world, sitting on the veranda and trying to paint the poppies that are about to finish blooming in the next one, two days. […]

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American walnut and other design decisions

In case you have not done it: leave a comment in YESTERDAY’s post (click here) to make sure to take your chance in the draw for a Carillon pour un ange. Today, we go back to normal and discuss a design detail that I forgot yesterday while cheating with Photoshop. First, it is amazing how […]

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the woody looks

Today’s picture shows you the NEW top cover for the 3o ml flacon of the HOMAGE line. Ordered, but not in stock yet. Hence, for a while the 30 ml amber-brown flacons will leave tauer factory with the black top covers that you know from the blue flacons. By the way: The black wooden top […]