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Today, a quick picture from yesterday: putting labels on flacons of Noontide Petals, and polishing the flacons before doing so. I do not like every color equally. The yellow of Noontide Petals, however, is one of my favorites, together with the orange labels of Orange Star (orange being complementary to blue). The labels stick pretty […]

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clouds and orange amberland

Today’s picture: A quick peek at some Orange Star flacons, in the “factory”, after they got their labels on, and before they get the top cover, and end up in boxes on the shelf. I took it the day before yesterday, when filling another 200 bottles of this sappy citrus zest orange blossom amber gris […]

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Today is an excel day, balancing allergens, ingredients, lists, and more lists, and soon I will make a list for my lists in order to find the lists again in the ever growing list space on my computer. I’d prefer to work on scents, to be honest. But there is no way how it cannot […]

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There we are again: Monday, Monday, and a new week, fresh and untouched before us. Today I have a scan for you, an scanned bug, about 1 cm long from head to the tip of the wings, found dead outside, and scanned, with 10500 pixels x 10500 pixels. This results in something like 650 MB. […]

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Yesterday, I spent most of the day in the factory; my two rooms where I stock things and where I get bottles ready, for shipment ultimately: Except online order shipments. These I do from “home”, where I have some stock (always too little), my computer that prints shipment labels and where the post office is […]


structural elements

I picked today’s picture of a leave, taken against the sun, shining through it and revealing its structure, because it is a wonderful example for nature’s way of building the most complex structures with (seemingly) simple elements and repetition of these structural elements. In a sense, things at tauerville got pretty complex, too. And I aim […]

Tableau de Parfums

labels for MIRIAM

Today is going to be an exciting day. I will meet friends and will spend some time cooking. And in between, I will continue working on labels for MIRIAM, the first fragrance of Tableau de Parfums. The label I am working on right now goes onto the back of every packaging and contains the information […]

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building fragrant empires

These days, I am sort of stuck inside, stocking up for autumn. Today’s picture shows you some pentachords flacons,  on their way to getting the finishing touch: The white wooden pentachords top cover. Thus, I have a lot of time, playing in my mind, coming up with great ideas that will change the world. Unfortunately, […]

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lot labels

Today, I put the last of my first ordered lot labels into the lot label printer. I have a hard time believing, but it seems to be true. We run through 50’000 lot labels since last year, March. For those in you interested in technical details: The printer is a Intermec PF 8t and runs […]

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on labels and stickers

In a previous post I learned in the comments section that I forget from time to time to outline simple but important things when it comes to what I do. OK, there we go: Everything you get from tauer is hand made in Switzerland by… tauer. Actually, it says so on every sample and every […]