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Yesterday's salad

Today’s picture: Yesterday’s salad. With a promise: I won’t convert this perfumery blog into a foodie blog. But still: It was a great salad, and as we eat salad on a daily basis, and tons of it, I have to come up with innovative dressings from time to time. Yes: no dressing from the supermarket […]

creating scents

In Switzerland, Terroir Perfumes glowing soon

If you happen to speak German, or trust Google’s translator, here’s a link for you. Ah, yes, you need facebook, too.  (In a week or so, however, the website of RichardLüscherBritos will be updated with my German text, too.) There (click here) , I talk about the beginning of a collaboration that is unique, for me, and that resulted […]


in pipeline, fougères dribbling in

Lavender is difficult, and everybody seems to be scared of lavender these days. Perfumers and perfume lovers alike. This and that you hear quite often when you talk with perfume friends, mostly followed by a “what a pity, as lavender is such a nice material to work with”. Combine this with my love for fougères, […]

marketing and branding

völlig losgelöst

Today’s picture shows you the complete lavender twig that I scanned the other day, and did a cut out for my post on Friday. And today’s title is German and hard to translate. It means something like “completely detached”, far off. I picked it as it fits perfectly to a couple of observations made the […]

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more detail

today’s picture shows you a scan that I did yesterday. Or better: It is a little detail, highlighted from a 1.5 GB scan of a lavender twig, cut in the garden yesterday, polished by lots of rain this week. Today’s going to be a super busy day, already started a while ago. It will see […]

general thoughts

a lovely lavender

Today, I will continue there where I stopped yesterday: Packing some perfume. The picture to the left gives you an idea how this is done: Take the bottled fragrance, put an inlay into the metal box, put the silver cardboard paper with my signature on top before closing the box, seal it all with the […]

designwhat's up?

back in normal waters

Sodeli…(Swiss German for well, well…) we are back in sort of normal mode.  Normal mode for end September is packing and dispatching a lot of boxes which is, despite the fact that it is work, a true joy to me. I love to say bye bye to parcels and boxes and wish them farewell on […]