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rich days

Yesterday was a joyous day, rich and full. I was preparing the newsletter for the next scent in my tauerville collection, Vanilla flash. Today, right now, I pushed the bottom, with sweaty hand, sort of. One of the trial flacons that you see in today’s picture, sitting on my bench, goes to the “launch it, […]

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No poodle notes in Le Maroc

today’s cover picture shows you an older sketch, done (I think) about 18 months ago, procrastinating, and maybe I have even shown the sketch here on the blog: I do not remember. I have sent the sketch to go with a long interview in German (sorry to my English native speakers) here, where I am […]

creating scents

mixing Le Maroc pour elle

My stock of Le Maroc pour elle is down to some dozens bottles and hence there was an urgent need to remix another stock. As the last two weeks saw me waiting for some raw materials used in Le Maroc and as I did not want to mix it when still not feeling ok (I […]

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autumn treasures

We have a guest dog for a few days, living and sleeping with us, and being the perfect motivation to go for early Sunday morning walks in the woods. The air was thick and wet and the fog droplets covered leaves that have begun to show off a last time in colorful dresses. There, the […]

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natural and more natural

After yesterday’s post on developments that reach out all the way into autumn 2011: Back down to earth and December 2010. Yesterday, I mixed another lot of le Maroc pour elle, and I am still in some sort of rose and jasmine paralysis. Le Maroc means: Pouring the rose absolute in amounts that make my […]