Not everything, everywhere, all the time

Greetings from Switzerland! Today’s picture shows you happy Andy in the Swiss Alpes. (Jungfraujoch) It is the holiday season and I take a day off here and there. But no real holiday here: we are just too busy packing and shipping orders out. This is nice and there will be the time for a few […]

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we are starting shipping Lonesome Rider

Today’s picture could be me (isn’t me, though): Sleeping man. A quick pencil sketch that I did somewhen the last two days. It was pretty rough, getting ready to ship Lonesome Rider, getting orders out and last minute stuff, because…. well… because I go to Paris over the weekend. A more or less private mission. […]

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Stretch it or: Day 12 of the advent calendar

Welcome to day 12 of my advent calendar. And today, today it is a serious post about the holidays logistics at tauerville. Tauerville=the two rooms where I put all together: Juice into bottles, bottle into box, box into large box and if things go to Italy: Put the box in a box onto palettes. I […]

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another picture and my logistics based country rating

Here is another picture taken during my holiday, with my i-phone, as I did not want to carry my Nikon with me all the time and as I did not want to transport the camera on my bike. I took it in the one and only church that we visited and had a look at […]

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complex matters

We stay for a while in Joshua Tree: Today’s picture shows you a sunset there. Yesterday, in the comment section of my blog,  Lorenzo mentioned a question and raised a discussion, referring to my post. I talked about technology changing shopping and logistics patterns. Lorenzo brought up the human factor: “When you say “where I […]