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Good morning! Ui…. It’s been awhile since I’ve been talking here. It was utterly busy, in a peculiar way: We got a lot of shipments that needed to get out and shipments (by truck) mean: They tell you that they will come, somewhen.  And sometimes they forget you. Thus, I ended up, stranded a bit, […]

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back in town

Fragrant greetings from Zurich, where I landed safely and where work waited for me. After a couple of days off and out of the stream it actually feels great to be back and have a mission. I show a few pictures in a second,  from my trip that was half business half tourism: a fact […]

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Ingrid. in three weeks, she will make a first public appearance

In three weeks from now, hard to believe, I will be in Los Angeles, together with Brian Pera, attending the official launch get together at the Scentbar for Ingrid. Ingrid will thus make her first public appearance at the occasion of the “vintage perfume party” at Luckyscent’s scentbar. I feel that this is indeed the […]

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on my way

Friday evening, when I left Jovoy, THE window for niche in Paris, I passed over the main street along Jardin des je-ne-sais-plus quoi, watched the sky and saw the most admirable rainbow. Being totally down to earth, usually, I do not really care about signs and symbols, but I nevertheless said to myself:  well, I […]

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another word on lys du désert

This morning, I picked the winner of last week’s draw, or rather picked it. Thus, someone somewhere will open her email today or tomorrow and hopefully smile. I haven’t posted on the blog for a few days as I wanted the draw to get its well deserved attention and as I was super mega […]

Give aways and goodies

A draw for Lys du Désert

(November 12 2012: This draw is closed. Thank you to all of you who participated and congratulations to the winner. The winner is contacted by email today). As promised to you yesterday: Here’s the draw for a full flacon, originally packed, unsprayed, shipped from Zurich to one happy winner. If you are not the lucky […]

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Lys du désert, Luckyscent's Decennial

Luckyscent celebrates 10 years of existence. I know Franco and Adam since September 2005. Luckyscent was the first partner asking me for my scents. That was 7 years ago and since then I have shipped many parcels with lots of desert air and I went to LA about 10 times. Everytime, when I am in […]

Give aways and goodieswhat's up?

back from LA

I guess I have used today’s blog title a couple of times the last few years. I am back from LA, since yesterday morning. Yeah. It sure was a great week, and I come back fully (re) energized and a hundred ideas that I collected while hiking up and down the hills in Joshua Tree […]

Tableau de Parfums

soaps and VOD and a good piece of reading

Uff. that was quite a week. And guess what I will do tonight? Watch movies! And try to read a few things and smell a few its and bits all into the weekend. In case you feel like me after a long week, here a few hints, and announcements and wishes. Miriam, the film section […]

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the why behind the cologne mix

OK, there we go: I mixed enough stock of my all natural, all botanical “COLOGNE DU MAGHREB” on Sunday for about 200 flacons. A few of these will go to friends and family and fans on facebook or with the blog. But most of them will actually, provided there is an interest, retail in the […]