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no well organized perfume organ

Today’s illustration, painted on the Cintiq again, shows you the tools that sit on the one and only desk that comes with free space in the house of  Tauer. Besides the balance, this is my mixing tool, plastic pipettes, used a few times before being discarded as they do not last a long time. For […]

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pipettes, play and $ signs

Fragrant greetings on this bright day. Two more days (or one, depending on counting) before we for the Pitti Fragranze niche perfume show in Florence. Thus, as you may imagine:  a lot of last minute preparations! But today, I will  talk about composing and not about presenting fragrances. I cleaned up the other day, throwing […]

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It is almost September. The roses are still in bloom but you can feel how they bring out the last buds for this year. The sun is changing its course, the evening light breaks out in yellow colors and the shape of things says: Autumn. The temperatures, the light, the perspective: All is shifting. Usually, […]

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poison pour les poissons

Continuing there where I stopped last week: Today’s pictures shows you a snapshot, dated from last week, taken on my mixing bench in the studio room. Mixing of eau d’épices. You see: We mix the eau d’épices fragrance for you, by hand, working with the oils and resins and powders, combining them in a large […]

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post dilution and post extraction

We diluted what needed to be diluted and we shipped what needed to be shipped. And today is my first day without two of my wisdom teeth. And it looks like it is going to be a day fully loaded on and with mefenacid. Well, be it. I guess if you can’t change it, accept […]

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ugly nacked neck

Yesterday, I did another mix for 25 liters, pouring and weighing all ingredients together, warming some of  them in water bath first (like oak moss that is really sticky and hardly flows at room temperature). Over the next few lots and for some perfumes: part of this mixing will be outsourced, already is. The actual […]