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Tauer MAG issue 05 and Les Années 25

Two days ago, I sent out the newsletter, announcing that the latest copy of the Tauer MAG , issue 05, is ready for orders (here). And I announced a new product with it: Les Années 25, edp, 50 ml, a limited edition of around 500 bottles. Yesterday, I was asked “why the name Les Années […]

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again and again

in the watercolor class yesterday: Tulips. Again. We “did” tulips last week, too. I did not mind. This week, the teacher came with three lessons, take home lessons and stuff to work on: Using alternative tools to “nail” these tulips and getting around worrying about the details, kind of: Abstraction without losing the motif. Doing […]

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Musk, conditioning, code and collecting words

Yesterday, well, yesterday, the blog was down for quite a while. A technical glitch, nothing serious, but my IT guru told me to wait writing and doing anything on the blog before all is set to normal again. So there we went: No post yesterday. Another glitch: I got a lot of birthday wishes for […]

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4 coming in, 1 leaving for the moment

Today’s picture is a scaled down version of a 10 MB rose that is super dramatic. It blooms these days here in Zurich, together with a bunch of others, and the light shining into it and reflecting from the petals was spectacular. Actually, I took the picture yesterday, but today’s sky continues to pour light […]

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beauty is fleeting, by nature

“Beauty is fleeting” … I heard this on the TV, while working in the kitchen and liked it a lot. I figured that one could add “by nature”. So there we go. All beauty is fleeting, by nature; and so is luckily also the contrary. This weekend saw me working mostly, getting the shipwire shipment […]

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when voices disappear

Yesterday, right before going to bed, I sent another flyer order out: for PHI- une rose de Kandahar. I picked the sketch that I did a few weeks ago of the flacon of PHI, and sent 10×15 cm postcard flyers, white background, 350 gr/m2, single side coated, demi gloss, out to the printing company. Today’s […]

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click rates and taking a deep breath

yesterday, we had rain like crazy. And orders for the explorer set coming in like crazy. In the evening, the sun broke through, I took the camera and made a picture and realized that it is time to take a deep breath, and I found a moment to sit, and relax. I guess, when running […]

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get it now

It is nice to be back from Florence!  The four days in this great city, attending THE fair for selective perfumery, were just awesome. But, guess what: at the end I had a hard time standing, in whatever position, and my voice sounded like Zara Leander`s after a couple of drinks and cigarettes too much. […]

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Consolidation of a newsletter

Today’s picture shows you the result of one of my activities yesterday: Getting passport-ready photos done, without glasses, not smiling, showing no teeth, for a visa application that needed to get out yesterday, super urgently, as there are not many days left to get it done. I did the photos in one of these do-it-yourself […]

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love the idea of going back

Right now, I am working on my newsletter, scheduled to go out end of this month, pictures and later some text. Basically, I am announcing the advent calendar 2011, and tell my newsletter readers that the Pentachords are here since September, Miriam, the first fragrance from the Tableau de Parfums series, is there since October […]