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clean and powdery

uiuiui… we are still in post Pitti blast mode here, and in PHI – une rose de Kandahar bringing back mode which means packaging and packing and packing to get the shipments out to the stores that reordered the rose de Kandahar months ago. The good news is: The biggest order of these with delivery […]

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Today, a quick picture from yesterday: putting labels on flacons of Noontide Petals, and polishing the flacons before doing so. I do not like every color equally. The yellow of Noontide Petals, however, is one of my favorites, together with the orange labels of Orange Star (orange being complementary to blue). The labels stick pretty […]

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6% Vanilla CO2 and you would not believe the mails I get

Today’s picture highlights the yellow label of Noontide Petals; the scent that I will fill into 200 bottles today. And put into boxes, at least some of them. Right now it is filtering which is a treat in comparison to the scent yesterday: Rose vermeille. Filtering Rose vermeille is a nightmare. Sort of. There, in […]

marketing and branding

business gut feeling

so yes, I was in London the day before yesterday, for about 20 hours and today’s picture is kind of a proof. I am not totally sure, but I think it was in the Holborn station where I took it. Usually, when traveling somewhere for business reasons, I try to stay another day: It did […]

marketing and branding

on my way

Friday evening, when I left Jovoy, THE window for niche in Paris, I passed over the main street along Jardin des je-ne-sais-plus quoi, watched the sky and saw the most admirable rainbow. Being totally down to earth, usually, I do not really care about signs and symbols, but I nevertheless said to myself:  well, I […]

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the video of the Noontide Petals sketch used for cards

Fragrant greetings to you all! This week will be super busy and I need to keep my blog posts (and replies) a bit short. I will be trying to pack and send some orders to retailers, and I will need to continue stocking up a bit. One of these stocking up items: Noontide Petals, in […]

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Noontide Petals samples in the shop and the world in blue without blues

If you have not participated in the “Post Easter happy rabbit draw” for sample discovery sets: You might want to do so by visiting this post (click here). Tomorrow Saturday, I will pick the winners there. Good luck and thank you to all who commented already. Today’s picture shows you a part of the “factory” […]

Give aways and goodies

Happy rabbit post Easter draw: Discovery set, including Noontide Petals samples

Remark, April 6 2013: This draw is closed. The winners got an email and  are : andreasd MariaA Veronika Juergen Timea Thank you to all of you who participated and good luck the next time! Congratulations to the winners! It is this time of the year again: The Easter celebrations are over and the Easter […]

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getting sample cards today

After a short weekend with a short trip to Milan, I am back to Zurich, and with world saved once again in Southern Europe, I am looking forward to the next few days. Please apologize my sarcasm. Every time I travel south in Europe these days, the comments that I get about the economic and especially about the political […]

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Yesterday, I spent most of the day in the factory; my two rooms where I stock things and where I get bottles ready, for shipment ultimately: Except online order shipments. These I do from “home”, where I have some stock (always too little), my computer that prints shipment labels and where the post office is […]