Piti Fragranze

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bunch of flowers

today’s picture shows you a bunch of summer flowers, scanned and slightly “photoshopped” over the weekend. This week will bring a bunch of things to get done, most of them preparatory work for the upcoming Piti Fragranze in Florence. This fragrance exhibition and show will take place September 14-16 and like every year you will […]


lot labels

Today, I was so busy that I had no time doing any blogging. I was heavy duty working on packaging concepts with my Adobe Illustrator. The packaging concept is for another project I am working on and I can tell you more about this very exciting development in May. Every day I am getting a […]


A moment with lily of the valley

Yesterday was air du désert bottle pouring and crimping and labeling day. And today we engage in UNE ROSE VERMEILLE bottle pouring and crimping and labeling day. Oups. No. Wrong. We are still waiting for the labels, but do the bottle thing. Over the week end we plan to do more bottle pouring fun, in […]