a really great fragrantica review

For a couple of reason I have to switch in full gas mode right now. While I am doing so: Here’s a fantastic review of Lonesome Rider on Fragrantica, by John Biebel. Enjoy! Samples of Lonesome Rider are available (you set the price, shipment is 4$) on


Article in Fluxmagazine

There was a great article in the Flux Magazine, featuring luxury fragrances, the transformation in the market, and why niche is winning shares in some market segments. The article featured Tauer Perfumes, and two three other brands and I recommend reading it, here. This is seriously good press and nice. The article follows a couple of […]

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cheating and roses

Today’s picture shows you what we did the other day in my painting class, we were all invited to cheat: The goal was to learn seeing behind the complexity of things. BY…. 1. tracing the motive of a picture with a pencil through transparent paper. The original was a postcard size complex motif, like the […]


before I leave: Now Smell This read for you

Before I will leave for Turin, leaving stormy Zurich, for hopefully sunny Turin, I have a read for you. Not too long, but interesting and nice, at it puts things into the right context: Please visit Robin’s Now Smell This blog (click here) and follow her thoughts on Gardenia sotto la luna. And feel free […]

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on fragrance being too subjective and other epic fails

Today’ s picture shows you an illustration that I did with photoshop, emulating pencil and watercolor, having a closer look at my left hand, painting with the right hand,  while waiting until the time was right to make a phone call to the US, about trade mark protection. That actually fits with a link further […]

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a Miriam review on Muse in Wooden Shoes

The first thing I read this morning was a review. Carol who runs the Muse in Wooden Shoes blog  posted a review on the scent Miriam,  and what a review! You find it here, following this link to her blog. She put the scent into the context of  Tauer and the movie Woman’s Picture by […]

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Pera's universe

“But not in Pera’s universe”… Elena from PerfumeShrine posted a review, an introduction to Miriam and I invite you, my readers, to visit her blog and leave a comment (anything goes, just a hello). The reasons: First , her review puts the fragrance into context. Second, because she runs a draw and you might want […]

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on communication

These days, as I have a lot of fragrances to pack, I have some time to think. Less time to write, unfortunately. While packing, I look into some phenomena that I find worth thinking about and I dare sharing one or two with you. I came to the conclusion that Facebook is boring and rather […]



And off we go for a few days.  Pitti and Florence: We are almost there! In the mean time, enjoy Persolaise’s review of UNE ROSE VERMEILLE by clicking here to get to I feel like this review is important. And I feel like I need to talk a bit on the Rose vermeille in […]

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creative day

Uff. It is Friday, this week’s big shipment is ready in front of the house for pick-up by Schenker, and I can worry about other things, such as my hair or creation of new perfumes. I decided that Friday afternoon will be my “creative day”, translating into at least 4 hours working on fragrances. Otherwise, […]