Rose de Kandahar

creating scents

vetiver md and superglue on a bright Friday morning

The other day, I was looking into the formula of Rose de Kandahar (PHI) again. I think I wanted to know again how much musk is in there (this rose being the first of my scents where I actually use a classical musk molecule); so I checked the formula and rediscovered that I use Vetiver […]


a mystery story around rose the Kandahar

a mystery story around rose the Kandahar or “Mr Andy, had the scent is what features?” Today’s picture: a quick photo of a dried rose that I keep in my room where I compose and draw,  taken from beneath, with flash on, a quick phone photo. The rose has still kept is color, even the […]

marketing and branding

starting into a new week

Good morning to you all. Here, we are getting ready for an exciting week, looking back to an exciting weekend. This weekend, I mixed two batches. One was the follow-up batch of Loretta. I just love this scent. The other batch was 1 kg of Une Rose de Kandahar. That one is also super exciting. […]

making of

looking into yet another formula

When I write a post here, on my blog, I usually do it in the morning and publish it immediately, and usually, when sitting at the computer, I know what to write. In my next life however, I might  rather write a book, though.  Adventures in space. Or something like that. One fine day, I […]

what's up?


Welcome back to another week in the factory. This week will see me bottling, packing and working on labels. I should have done the label work over the weekend, actually. But it was just too nice up there in the Alps and I felt like I needed a treat, so I went for a hike. […]

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under the moon end July

Today’s picture shows you the moon over Zurich, rising yesterday behind the trees. Sotto la luna: Me, with my Nikon, trying to keep it steady, and trying to find an optimum between underexposure and sharpness. I don’t own a tripod, and after what felt like 200 mails keeping the hand steady was quite a challenge. […]