Rose vermeille

creating scents

working on a couple of new products and welcoming goodies back in stock

I have just sent out the latest Tauer Perfumes newsletter, as always with sweaty hands, worrying that I made this one big mistake and that I sent off a newsletter that goes totally wrong. Well, it can happen, and just the other day I got a newsletter from a company with a big, inconvenient mistake in there. […]

making of

a lot of steps until a scent is on the shelf

Today’s picture:  A wrapped, sealed, boxed fragrance, freshly poured and polished and labelled, ready to go into shipment boxes or onto shelves. Yesterday was like super busy. Today, it will be the same and then we hope for a gradual slowing down towards the end of the week. It takes quite a few steps until […]

general thoughts


Fragrant greetings from the factory, where I am about to fill samples a gogo and wait for truck drivers picking up boxes. Today’s picture shows you a photo that I took in a sugar museum: a happy couple, woman serving hot beverages and offering a piece of sugar to man who sits a bit stiff, […]

what's up?

rare species saved from extinction

Here comes the obligatory reminder: Please, if you wish to enter the draw, leave a comment over there on the blog post of July 12. I will pick the happy winner(s) tomorrow, Wednesday, late in the day (US Time), meaning, early Thursday morning Swiss time. And for those who already commented and wished me well […]