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Ingrid. in three weeks, she will make a first public appearance

In three weeks from now, hard to believe, I will be in Los Angeles, together with Brian Pera, attending the official launch get together at the Scentbar for Ingrid. Ingrid will thus make her first public appearance at the occasion of the “vintage perfume party” at Luckyscent’s scentbar. I feel that this is indeed the […]

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getting out of routine, watching the sky

When in Russia, I had the chance to get out of the factory routine, and the daily business of facebook and messages and formula and stocking up and writing down things that need to get done. Refreshing! The next week of getting out of routine will be in a month from now: I will be […]

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back from LA

I guess I have used today’s blog title a couple of times the last few years. I am back from LA, since yesterday morning. Yeah. It sure was a great week, and I come back fully (re) energized and a hundred ideas that I collected while hiking up and down the hills in Joshua Tree […]

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on and off

Tomorrow, I will hopp into my plane, flying west again. I did so many the last 12 months miles that I got into some sort of “you fly so often, you can get in the plane first” programme which is nice. So I will get into the plane fast, but the flight won’t be faster, […]

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Loretta launch event in Los Angeles

I figured, it is time to make an announcement for the Loretta launch event in Los Angeles at the Scentbar of Luckyscent. Mark your calender and please come by and stop for a drink and a whiff of the newest release from Tableau de Parfums. I hope you will be equally excited as we are. […]



Happy Wednesday everyone. After spending a day in the car yesterday,I will be traveling all day in the plane to LA. I look indeed very much forward to being swallowed by this plane flight chain of commands.  A good rest for a few hours and the perfect excuse to do nothing. If you wish to […]