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How shipwire does not help me build my business, and an apology to my clients

First things first: I owe many of you an apology and you will get an email from me saying exactly this: Please accept my apology that your Rose flash ordered did not arrive yet. I know, it is a week now and I am very sorry and do my best that you will get your […]

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chinese way

Here we are busy fulfilling orders and shipping stuff. Yesterday, a happy day actually, I prepared the boxes for my warehouse in the US that serves my US clients, through shipwire, an order fulfillment company. The do the shipping of full bottles in the US for me, as I cannot directly ship full bottles due […]



First things first: Today’s water color exercise: a Swiss cow. I so totally understand why cows are holy in India. There is this stoicism that I adore. They sit there, on the grass and watch the world, how it changes in circles that close. When picking today’s picture to the left – a foto of […]

what's up?

a smile when boxes are out of my way

You might have guessed: Super busy here! The weekend is a holiday weekend with Monday being an extra day off. As I will be out of time with friends, and somewhat out of the job next Tuesday, I really needed to make sure that I get all orders out before the weekend. That was stressful. […]

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resuming shipping to the US

So we ship to the US again. Samples and full sized products. Starting today…In order to be able to do so, I had to get a deal done with FEDEX. Shipping hazardous goods by air freight seems best to go through fedex, pricey, and not to be used for single bottle shipments, but very reliable, and I […]

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completely packed

There we go: Another packing day in the factory. Although: Factory in my case= two rooms, one without view as it is holding stocks of everything all the way up to the ceiling; and one with a view, where I have more shelves to store semi packed stuff, two large tables, chairs, a water cooker […]