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Tauer is now also an LLC

Tauer Perfumes is now also an US based LLC. From a legal point of view, I am allowed to do business now and I already got an federal tax identification number (EIN) assigned to the LLC by the IRS. What the heck, you might say. Right so! When I announced that I cannot ship internationally anymore,  about a month ago, on this blog, I mentioned that this IS serious and that a lot of things will change. Thus, this should not come as a surprise. In order to be able to accept orders from the US, I need to work together with an order fulfillment partner located in the US, and I need to do super expensive dangerous goods transport into an US based warehouse, and I need to be the owner of record for US customs, and for this I need an EIN. This is why.

I hope that by February, I will be able to accept orders from the US again. That’s the plan for the time being.

For Europe, this is not the case. I do not expect that we will be shipping to Europe shortly, expect for the countries that we serve right now: Switzerland, Germany, France and Austria. Maybe, we will never start serving other European countries again. I will continue publishing updates of the situation here: 

Now, having said that we will be shipping again to the US: Please expect major changes, still. As I need to pay for every product sitting on a shelf in the near future, as shipment costs will more than triple, as I lost important markets and part of my margin, I will -midterm- have to reduce the number of scents that I offer, and I will need to come up with a new pricing structure for some products. In a sense, I am just facing reality and need to streamline a bit and get the business side of what I do a bit toughened.

That’s the negative part of the changes for my US perfume loving fans. The positive side of things: I can start offering fragrant soaps in the US. And I can – for the first time- think about other products that I could not ship for a reasonable postage in the past due to the special Swiss post fare structures. Actually, there is so much to explore and as always, I have a lot of ideas.

Actually, this IS why I am still doing what I am doing: it is fun, coming up with fragrant ideas and exploring this fragrant multiverse.  And I like the idea of being able to offer special fragrant goodies besides perfumes in bottles. In a sense, I offer a perfume in a soap. It is about the perfume and that’s why  I put onto the packaging of my soaps “perfume in a soap”. It’s a claim, basically. It is about perfume; thus, the  most expensive part in my perfume in a soap is…. the perfume.

And I did not like the old packaging.  I came up with a new wrapping and tested it; aiming at something a bit easier, that can be up-scaled, too. For me, this is a game. A fragrant test game. A fun distraction in a time where I have to come up with tough answers to tough questions.

Today’s picture shows you the wrapping of the first perfume in a soap: majestic TUBEROSE.