Good morning! Here we are headed for a quick return of winter. I have to make sure that my plants won’t freeze; it will get a bit narrow in the bedroom.

This week will be a short one, with at least one highlight every day: Today, I am meeting the product manager, sales representative from the company that is producing my metal boxes. e will meet in the factory which might be a bit disapointing as I cannot even offer a coffee. My factory is a totally non cozy operation. Kind of streamlined to churn out max. numbers of bottles.

Another highlight this week: I am working on new pictures of the tauerville collection of the 30ml flash scents. And once done with them I will upload them on as I figured: Hey! I want to make it a touch easier for those ordering on to add a tauerville.

I spent some time in the factory yesterday; doing some photos and packing large orders that need to get out today and tomorrow. So yes: No Easter break here. But that’s ok: I had my break in the US. Ah… and yes: I do not trust any picture nor any film anymore. The photoshop world is fake. But nice and shiny.