PHI- une rose de Kandahar flacon before labeling
making of

technology is a miracle

Today’s blog post comes from within a train that brings me to Berne. I wish perfumery technology had advanced like IT. Imagine! Today’s picture shows you the state of works in perfumery. Flacons with perfume inside: These are actually PHI-une rose de Kandahar flacons sitting in the factory, waiting for labels and decoration.

The train runs fast, comfortable and the ipad is connected with 4G to the www. The last time (last week) I was travelling to Berne, I was fiddling in the backend, of tauer perfumes online,  the part that runs the shop: 10 years ago this would have been totally impossible. And I do not dare imagining what the world will be like in 10 years.

In perfumery, not much has happened there in the past 100 years. We perfumers still work on benches, sniffing things and coming up with a formulation. Most perfumers do not mix and weigh things themselves, though. They have technicians for that. I formulate and mix myself which I think sometimes helps as I am constantly smelling the state of works. Thus sometimes it happens that I realize how lovely an accord is per se, and make a mental note.

Anyhow: There has not been happening much in the perfume technology. There are some combinatorial approaches where folks mix  more or less randomly following some rules for head, heart and body notes, and pick the nicest to move on from there. But all the “liquid processes” are still the same. We got more chemicals, more naturals but that’s not disruptive.

So I sometimes wonder when will we see something truly disruptive happening in perfumery?