what's up?

tell them what handmade really means

Today’s picture shows you where I will be in 20 minutes: the room where I pour and label and pack all that goes of to world from tauerville. Towards the window, you see a row of 200 air du désert marocain, filled, waiting to be polished and labeled. Towards the camera is the dispenser that will soon start dispensing Lonestar Memories, my smoky leather fragrance that brings back memories of cowboys, archetypal memories.

It will be a very busy day there and as soon as I have done the pouring and labeling, I need to get some customs and shipment papers done and need to work on those shipments for tomorrow. Uff. And you know what? I got so many large retailer orders these days that I will need to work on stock next week. And somewhen in between, I have a nice journalist visiting me there, too. They are doing a perfume X-mas feature and we figured: Let’s give the readers the real thing. Tell them what handmade really means.

Later, when things calm down and the sun has gone, I will see that I can work on a little soapy idea. To balance, to feel creative again and not just like the man handling boxes and bottles.

Greetings from the factory.