what's up?

the computer is dead- long live the computer

Well, that was quite an end of last week and a weekend, filled up with IT, files recovery, redefining standards and making sure that all is up and running again. And in between, getting some things done for the upcoming Pitti. Uff. Today’s picture shows you an internal SATA drive, with a USB3 to SATA II connector attached, reading my data from one of the computer’s hard disks.

Those of you following me also on Facebook new it since Thursday: My computer died, actually it was dying for a day, with a motherboard that sort of lost one functionality after the other and I was hoping that it would make it until I got the new computer that I bought immediately. Unfortunately, it did not and when I visited it in the morning, it was dead. But the data were all there. Actually, the data were there, and on a separate disk, and in the cloud.

Anyhow, no technical details here. The bottomline was: Nothing bad happened, but it takes a long time until you have all the way you want it to be, and the devil hides in details, such as passwords, and other stuff like outlook pst files, backup files and permissions and ….

But as I have said: No technical details. This post is written from my super nice shiny new PC that I already appreciate like I appreciated my old computer that was loyal until the last day. And yes, for the Mac fans here: I wanted to get another Mac, because I learned how nice a Mac can be when I got one for my drawing tablet. But I have an industrial printer without Mac drivers and a Mac that runs windows is not what I wanted.

But, with all the PC troubles, I had no time to do any perfumery related things. But now I am sitting next to three essential oil (rose R. damascena oil) qualities on paper scent strips and find them both wonderful. And yes, next will be to continue preparing for Pitti, trying to visit the gym, and smell a few things.  I wish you all a lovely day. May the computers be with you…