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the first snow of the season

Tonight we got the first snow in Zurich, and the first jasmine flower  on my little jasmine bush in the basement opened up and sends its perfume out. Quite intoxicating.

This morning, we got the shipment back from Madrid, another circle closing, and the box survived, sort of. Thus, I know again why we pack things so sturdy and wrap from all sides heavily. It is quite amazing what happens to these boxes during transport. Europe’s roads seem to be rough these days.

Another circle closing: The pile of 800 soaps in 6 large boxes, sitting for a while in the middle of my perfumery studio are gone. They are now with the apothecary, where I brought them by car yesterday. We will continue making soaps for friends and family in the next days, though. I feel another 50 would be fine.

Thus, there is room again. Also room for playing. Today is my Friday play time. I will continue studying the fire tree essential oil, the other natural that Mandy Aftel and me will use to build a perfume. A challenging but highly rewarding oil. I can feel it, but I need to understand it a bit better.

And I want to continue with the rose soap. I did two version. 1 you can forget. Maybe you can add it to the washing machine, to get fragrant foam, but not more. Amazing how ugly things you can create with the most expensive materials. Number 2 is better. Actually it is good (but quite expensive). I will see that I can pump it up a bit. It needs a bit more power, I feel. But there is no hurry. It sure feels good to have some time there.  The same is true for the 2011 activities. All under control it seems.  I guess I share a few its and bits next week.

Ah… yes, before I forget: I wish you a lovely weekend.