what's up?

the luxury of enough

I mentioned it a while ago: This and the next week sees me working in the factory with two additional helping hands. This is wonderful, as it allows me to stock up and try to get ready for autumn. On the other hand, it sort of forces me to work in a tighter schedule than normal. The helping hands need my attention, and I need to prepare stuff.

As always: No free lunch.

There is a bit less musing time in the house of tauer. Or better said: In order to play I need to either stay up longer or get up earlier. You would expect that in this context, the tauer guy is super considerate and works on perfumes that are important, that change the world of niche perfumery, that will one day make you ohhh! and ahhhh! Aehhhm. Sorry. Not really. It is fun time here,  fiddling around with raw materials, soaps, all the good stuff but completely unnecessary these days. Ah, and yes: Water color is on the daily agenda, too.

What does this mean? First it means that my scent pipeline is full. Enough “stuff” for a while. Or more cliché: I was working for years on the scents that I will launch in the next two years. Then,  it means, that I need to wait for a moment until Sotto la luna is out. As long as this line is not launched, I am not ready to embrace a new fragrant venture. Funny in a way. Finally, I am convinced that by playing around, I am laying the ground for more. Perfumery for me always comes with a BIG play and fun factor. Nothing more frightening than this: Andy gets the job to create a scent for a line that is inspired by [here follows the blarp of the brand owner’s memories and wishes] and that must costs less than 100 cents per bottle (which already is a lot).

Ok, I admit it: I am so spoiling myself. And I enjoy the luxury of taking time to think about stuff like “How can we tell that a peach is a peach and not an apple, although apples often come with the same colors”. I think it is the velvet skin. You see? Important questions.

Today’s picture: a fresh peach scanned.