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the next step

have you realized? We got the website on a new level…. It looks the same but the its and bits steering it have changed. Basically, we put an entire new carpet over the floor. When you shop and visit, this carpet is what you see.

I was working with Diglin GmbH, a small company, but the best! Yesterday, I said to Sylvain from Diglin: this was the smoothest IT project that I have ever run. And I have run many……. For the techies among you: we put a frontcommerce layer on top of our existing platform layer.

What does it mean for you? Right now: the look and feel is the same. All shopping and account data of yours are save and protected even better than before. The server is still in Europe and provides highest levels of security. For us: we just did the first step allowing is to (finally!) move on and add more functionalities and design to the website. Dealing with the administration of the website got so much easier.

So, I am looking forward to moving on and make the next steps. And one last thought from yesterday, when I took the afternoon off to draw some statues in the museum in Zurich (Sammlung des archaeologischen Museums Zürich). Running a business is like a marathon and at the same time you never stop making the first steps. I love it!

These drawing sessions are, by the way, a fantastic excercise. And I often go there, starting first very accurately and then giving the pencil some space to find its way and drawing in a lose way. The picture below is an example from yesterday, it is rough, not 100% accurate but aims at capturing the spirits of the marble.