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the perfect plan

Many of the last few posts were on upcoming, exciting, thrilling fragrant things like Loretta, changed packaging for 2013 and ideas for fragrances that might launch in 2013. Today, I talk about a bright happy short term future for Andy that comes with a price to pay.


I will leave my perfume business for a while and towards the end of this week I will head for a vacation, cycling in Spain. I will share more details later, once I am traveling. For the time being: The online shop will continue to operate, a dear friend takes care there, and the house of tauer will be populated by guests. Thus, you might not even realize that I am gone for a while.

But there is a price to pay besides for tickets forth and back: Getting tauerville in order, and make sure that nothing runs out while I am away and that all is ordered for the time when I am back and that all will run smoothly while I am absent. Thus, you saw me sample making, actually you still do, and getting orders and quotation requests out and and and. Thus, today’s picture: A scanned sample vial of L’air du désert marocain, like you find it in the discovery set. Sometimes, when reordering sample vials like I did the other month, around 4000 per order, sometimes I wonder how many of these I have filled and shipped.

Well, independent on the number of samples filled the last few years:  Here is the plan. While cycling along the coast, under the sun with the wind from the back, ALL the time, with the sea always ready for a swim when things get to hot, I will think about how to move on the next 6 months. Sounds like a perfect plan to me…