making of

the video of the Noontide Petals sketch used for cards

Fragrant greetings to you all! This week will be super busy and I need to keep my blog posts (and replies) a bit short. I will be trying to pack and send some orders to retailers, and I will need to continue stocking up a bit. One of these stocking up items: Noontide Petals, in order to have enough to ship when I am back from LA.

Noontide keeps me busy these days: The samples are online now. The full bottle is also online but not activated in the shop, yet. I need to wait until the full bottle is in stock in the US  by mid April. By then I just need to click a button, and it will go online on my website, too. I prepared the shop over the weekend, and : Jupiehhhh… it just feels great! Thus, I picked a shop picture as today’s illustration going with the post. One week more and I will be in Southern California, and Noontide will be online. By the way: In Southern California, I will hide and hike in the desert. Kind of recharging and refueling and getting ready for the next big jump.

Thus, today, I stop writing and just share a link to a video. The link points to a mov file on my server (you can watch it with apple’s quick time programme), 32 MB, that shows you how I did the sketch of the Noontide petals flacons. This video comes from the programme brushes that runs on the ipad. And it is one of the cool features of this app: You can see what you did: One stroke after the other. And here is the link to the video (click here). Enjoy!